Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Make a wish...


A really interesting discussion started on the previous post (and maybe will go on further). I want to point to the theme that appeared, about writing a thesis. Neeraj shared how he "made a wish". Probably a good idea... that may help in other situations too. I heard about it many times... but never made such a list myself! :-)

(Found the picture on the net.)

Neeraj wrote about the writing of his thesis (took 7 years):

I would like to share something else about this time which is also kind of mysterious:

After a few weeks having started working in the research institute I had already found the basic question I wanted to work about for my dissertation. In a way I was in love with that question. As I have come to know from my colleagues, this fast going was rather unusual.

However, one day at this early stage I sat on my desk and wrote a wishlist about how I wanted my dissertation to be in the end. About one dozen or a bit more points, very detailed e.g. about the mathematical tools I wanted to use and the mathematical framework I wanted to develop, but also some other special points of experimenting and also about some results. Very detailed. Then I put this list into a drawer and forgot it.

Some years after having finished my dissertation I left the research institute. So, I had to clear my desk, and I found my wishlist, which I had forgotten since more than ten years. And I didn't nearly believe my eyes: EVERY single point was fulfilled! No exception! I was totally shocked. How could I have known the final result in so many details in the early beginning? Or did I shape reality according to my wishlist?

I don't know. But I tend rather to assume the latter one.

Far out ... :-)


  1. Just an additional comment:

    Jed McKenna brings it to the point: Am I bending to the universe, or is the universe bending to me? This question doesn't survive translation ... into the non-dual point of view. In order to describe it in the dual world we need dual concepts like manifestation, synchronicity, prayer, giving an order/wishlist to the universe, or something like that ...

    And, to put it into practice: It WILL work, as many people (and me, too) have experienced in many examples ... for that I see three basic prerequisites:

    - if your intention/wish is really authentic,
    - if you are able to let it go totally after you have set up your wish, and
    - if you are able to embrace thankfully whatever will happen after that.

    Just play with it.

    As I have tried to express in the metaphor: To put an arrow into goal, you have to aim at the target and to stretch the bow, then you have to let go ...

    Or similar, as a chinese proverb says: Give totally, and then forget it, and it will come back to you thousandfold ...

    The example with my thesis is just a big one, which "shocked" me at that time because of my sudden realization of it.

    Generally, it works, but I don't like the attitude to sell it on the market as a "secret" or something like that. Like selling people a whistle as a tool in order to "whistle in the dark woods" out of fear.

  2. Thank you so much, Neeraj! :-)

    Actually I did like "The Secret". If the message is right for somebody, the wrapping is not that important.