Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sexy !


I just remembered the first presentation day at the Cogmaster. (Master of Cognitive Sciences) Lorenzi was talking about the "sexy" subjects in research on auditory perception. At first it was funny to hear this word used in such a context, by such a serious-looking researcher... :-) The presentation was indeed fascinating.

As now everything has to be sexy, my blog should definitely be sexy! :-)

Madonna and Jesus Luz for W Magazine, photo by Steve Klein



  1. You speak 6 languages? Madre de Dios, c'est beaucoup, nicht wahr?
    Me: French, English, Arabic (both literary and Lebanese local spoken dialect), and that's about it. In some other languages, I've grabbed a few words, but never enough to even say that I'm doing fine, thank you, and you, nice weather we're having. ;-)
    How did you come to be hexalingual?

    A few suggestions for your blog:
    - Find the option that activates "receive comments by e-mail". I always use it, to know which threads have new comments.
    - Add the Blogger gadget "Followers". Samely, helps other bloggers know when you've made a new post.
    - Furnish your profile a little. Okay, so the photo is real nice, but it feels a bit lonely by itself. ;-)
    - Aaand, that's about all the well-meaning advice I have for now.

  2. Ah. Found the comments e-mailing function, it was there. Not used to that new version of Blogger yet.

  3. Thanks, Pascal ! :-)

    Six languages... life ! :-) I begun early, learned french at 6 when I was put in a french school in Algeria, along with the children of other foreigners working there, from Bulgaria, East Germany, Czechoslovakia etc. After a year we could all speak french, even the stupid boys! :-)

    So I learned early that it just needs opportunity and motivation.

    And, then, life... :-)

  4. Me, I'm proficient in English and Danish, and deficient in German, Swedish, and French. :-)

    I'm very offended by the picture. I don't know who Mr. Luz is, but he should have been matched by a picture of an equally fit and undressed woman, not by a dressed Madonna, who is may still be sexy, but only for her age. :-)
    Also, it's unfair, I never had a body like that, even at 20.

  5. "Deficient"... :-)

    I too find the picture offensive. Blatant example of gender discrimination!

    Then again, Jesus is supposed to be the son of la Madonna, so maybe the older woman was simply about to give Junior his bath?...

  6. "I too find the picture offensive. Blatant example of gender discrimination!"
    You're perfectly right Pascal, was meant to be! :-)

    Come on guys, web is soaked with pictures of sexy girls! So boring!
    I wanted a non-trivial illustration for the term "sexy", and I am quite happy with the picture I found.

    And no insults to Madonna on my blog! I find quite cool she has such a boyfriend "at her age".


  7. I kinda liked "fullspot". Very zen.

    Madonna rocks.

    Hmm, I'll bet if she tried real rock music, she'd be good at that too, I'd like to see it.

  8. "Also, it's unfair, I never had a body like that, even at 20."

    Eolake, this is a feeling most women are often confronted with when facing images of young and sexy models with perfect body. And our culture is soaked with images of sexy models.

    I wouldn't say it is a constant suffering for women, as we get used to it, but I do think It is just really fair men experience that too from time to time! :-)

    Well, I didn't initially think of this post as a contribution to re-balance gender inequalities in this world, but your comments really begin to make me feel I am doing that.

    I am contributing to harmony in this Universe.

    Makes me feel so proud of myself...! :-) !

  9. Yes, quite fair, admittedly.

    Now you know how it feels to have blog comments go off on their own. :-)

  10. Oh my god - my old nerves find no rest.
    Another blog on...... "sexy things".

    I'll apply for a life in a monastery for a while.

    No blogging, no flickring, no nothing, except Madonna.

    (Un viejo verde).


  11. Six languages, big deal! Everybody speaks English these days. And if they don't, they probably ought to! ;-)

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